Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get some important Information on Feline Leukemia

Although we generally believe that our pets can become ill with the same disease we are, sometimes they are ill because of diseases as dangerous as ours. There are many animals with disease everywhere, and one of the most dangerous diseases for cats are feline leukemia.
Leukemia in cats is known as the feline leukemia virus, or FeLV. disease is fatal and can also be contagious. It can lead to cancer and other diseases and can have serious consequences for the health of your pet. It was not yet documented for a person or other animal influence. Feline leukemia causes cancer to the lymph nodes of cats.
The virus is a cat to be around the infected saliva, faeces and other body releases for a long time. It thrives in cold and wet environments. Cats that like to share or water bite can spread the disease each other. Another way that the disease is transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes that bite and suck blood from infected and uninfected cats.
Most cats catch the virus at some point in their lives, but they are generally available and not serious. However, weaker or cat in an environment with many other cats in a home can easily get viruses and are likely to be bad. Some cats may contain the virus and not show it, so it is important that all cats have to check if you see one that is sick.
Some cats may contain antibodies that will surely help them stay healthy and good for most of their lives.
It is important to prevent disease before it affects your cat. To do this, away from stray cats, the disease because they might give to your cats. It is also important to your cat vaccine, so your cat does not get the disease at any time.
Many different ways that you can vaccinate your cat's feline leukemia virus. They provide protection against disease, and help your cat remain immune to the disease. Although, even if a cat is vaccinated, it is still important for vaccinated cats away from any cat certainly has a virus.
It is important to treat the symptoms of feline leukemia spot early in their lives. Symptoms include fever and vomiting, which can be extremely uncomfortable for the cat and whether the notes should be submitted to the doctors. Even if their lymph nodes are swollen, have a higher chance that they cat leukemia.
Through prevention and treatment feline leukemia, give your cat a longer and healthier life. So if you find that your cat is ill or has a cat leukemia, be sure to give them medical assistance as soon as possible. If you come early to catch the disease, your cat will not have to suffer and you can feel that your cat is safe.

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