Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips on how to Clip Your Cockatiel's Wings

Before you start your cutting Cockatiel Wing, you need to share some tools and a quiet, well-lighted place you in. a towel or washcloth get work you must have your bird in a series of small but sharp scissors to take to find wrap, needle pliers to stop bleeding and flour or corn flour is cut in the event of a blood feather.
Working in a quiet but well-lit area is also a must, because you have to see what you need to do and your cockatiels should be as quiet as possible, because it will wriggle and flap and make your job very difficult.
dried In the first place the towel over your hand and catch the bird by hand. Grab your bird from the back of the head and neck and wrap it tightly in the towel. Use your thumb and index finger to your birds and keep the head covered with a towel to help as this will calm your cockatiels and there is something to chew, if necessary.
Place the bird on his back, making sure not to put pressure on the chest. Birds, which help us not unlike membranes them to breathe. Spread the wing carefully and check for blood feathers, the ones that grow more. You can by their sleek, smooth appearance and dark centers are identified.
If there are many blood feathers instead of trimming delayed for a few days. Before mowing your cockatiels feathers, separate each other path of the flight feathers cut and individually. Use to see the set of springs on the primary flight feathers on your bird's wings as a guide on how to cut short.
Cut the first six to eight springs from the tip of the wing. Trim an equal number of feathers per wing.
If you accidentally cut a blood feather, do not panic. Remove the blood for a couple of pliers. Pick up the broken shaft of the feather as close to the skin of the wings of your bird as you can. With a steady motion, pull the spring completely. After removing the spring, put some flour on the spot and apply direct pressure for a few minutes to stop the bleeding. If you can not remove the shaft of the pen, you should contact your veterinarian to further support avian flu.
It is important to remove blood from the cut, because if the spring is, it's like an open faucet is to let the blood continuously. Once it is removed in the spring, the wound is closed and the birds skin go no more blood is lost.
You need to trim your Cockatiel's wings about four times a year at least. Keep an eye on this as you happen to want to fly your cockatiel hates.

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