Thursday, July 29, 2010

try to find out reasons why your cat is so fussy

We knew that cats are independent creatures we just tolerate humans. But what makes them very dangerous. And what are "Critical" means. The dictionary definition is "extremely busy with trifles, anxious or particular about small details." (Ref: The Macquarie Dictionary.) But when it comes to cats, my definition of 'critical' has more to do with likes or dislikes of various types
Some cats are very fussy what they eat. They prefer a certain brand of food, and if not available, they are more hungry than eat something they are not sure. It is not deign to "taste new foods," where no one sees. I think they just do not want us to see this "rewarding".
Other cats can be picky about where they sleep. And if it smells funny, because you just wash the sheets, they will inform you about their dissatisfaction and continue to 'do their own "by rolling back their plates to add fragrance. And if you bed in another room for one or Another reason, be prepared for your cat to refuse to sleep until he has returned to its rightful place.
I know the cat to stop using the tray, because the type of litter change. It feels and smells so different they are not sure whether they like it.
What all this means that cats are creatures of habit. They do not change unless they do them. Some cats are happy to sleep in a favorite chair years and then move to sleeping in bed instead. Nothing would entice them back into the seat - they are not interested. But if you have moved to a chair repaired, or you're the one 'mistake'.
If you have decided to change the cat food, do it slowly over at least a week. Start by adding a new little cat in the old form, and then increase, while the new age with less, so your cat can adapt to the new taste. The same applies to the replacement of litter in the tray. Do it slowly over a period of at least one week. When you wash a cat blanket, some of them but some still leave the 'smell right.
I have many websites and forums that tells you to just let the cat for ten minutes, and if it is eating, take him away. It may be a way of retraining your cat is not fussy with food but want disciplined in your cat? I greatly prefer my cat to have a choice in what he was and when. He eats "sauce" or "gravy" out of the bag "casserole" type cat, but then came back later to finish the remainder. I want him to have to eat quickly or lose. But it is my choice.
Yes, cats can be picky about what they will do and when. But for me, a part of the joy of having a cat. They are independent creatures and their idiosy

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