Sunday, July 25, 2010

learn about Leopard Gecko Feed

Leopard Gecko Feed Appropriate nutritional foods and supplements. This is to optimize their health and productive life. The young geckos should be fed more frequently than in adults to help develop their growth. Geckos love to eat insects, especially crickets and their food will also be supplemented with meal worms and worms were.
Duties of keeper is to learn the correct way of feeding leopard geckos, which includes the specific preparation. The preparation is very important in giving them a well balanced balanced diet and supplements.
Here's how: 1. The first thing to do is to buy crickets for your pet stores. Remember to use all of crickets found in the house, but most use only the indecent as food for reptiles.
2. Before feeding crickets to your pet, make sure to gut load them one day before feeding time. Gut loaded means dusting the crickets with calcium powder commercial sure they are all coated. To make it nutritious, serve with grated carrots crickets. Crickets can also be served with food grains such as oatmeal or wheat germ, dry dog food, and fish flakes. After 24 hours they are ready for feeding.
3. Serving crickets with water or a slice of orange is preferred.
4. Gut loading can be made one day to feed the lizard schedule.
5. Feed geckos at least 4 to 5 crickets or less depending on their usage. Feeding is best done at night for lizards at night is by nature. Means they are active at night and will often hide during the day.
6. Let the crickets alive for the leopards to hunt. This will help them fulfill their instinct to hunt prey to catch their food.
7. Adult leopard geckos feed only 3-4 times a week the small but seven months old and less than twice a day to be kept.
8. After feeding always remove ate crickets and keep the tank clean.
9. To supplement their daily diet, it is strongly recommended that they live mealworms at least once a week. Select the appropriate size depending on the size of your pet worm lizard.
10. Place 2-3 worms in at least one shallow bowl or container until the sides are high enough to prevent crawling worms and large enough for your pet lizard to access.
1911. Again, clean the area and remove the bowl every hour after eating.
12. Wax worms are also included in the same way: follow the steps 9-11.
Leopard Gecko feeds only under waxworms and sometimes pinkies. These are just the treats for your pets, because they contain a high proportion of rich in calcium. PINKIES on the other side is good for the females for breeding because of the weight or leopards.

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