Wednesday, July 28, 2010

diarrhea is a common problem in cat

All the cats get a hold of diarrhea from time to time in their lives. Often, it's just a little anxiety and clean themselves. But if not, you'll want to look deeper into the problem and find the cause of diarrhea.
Diarrhoea in cats can be caused by many things, including:
Intestinal parasites: These include roundworms, tape, hookworms and Giardia.
Viral and bacterial infections: Kittens are very susceptible to infection since their immune systems are still developing. Feline infectious peritonitis and plague are among the most deadly viruses that can cause diarrhea.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease: inflammation of the intestinal lining, IBD can also cause weight loss and abdominal pain.
Overfeeding: It is tempting to pet a cat or a kitten, but overfeeding can also cause diarrhea. Large heavy pain is an indication of overfeeding.
Dietary changes Cats need a consistent diet. Changes, such as using a different brand of food can upset your cat's stomach. If you need to change your diet, do so slowly, blending old with new and then gradually taper off the old food. It allows time to digest the cat adjust to your new diet.
Leukemia: If your cat has diarrhea with blood, could be a sign of feline leukemia. Of course, it can be a big problem for a cat, but remember that these symptoms may be the same for other diseases, so it is only a possibility if the diarrhea is bloody.
Food allergy: Some cats are lactose intolerant, while others may be allergic to corn. Soy and wheat can also cause allergic reactions.
Other factors: Other factors that can cause diarrhea and other fat diet, antibiotics, toxins and stress.
Fortunately, treatment is simple enough, in most cases of diarrhea, cat.
First, make sure your cat gets plenty of liquids. Cat Diarrhoea can cause dehydration, so make sure your cat has a lot of access to water. Cold Chicken broth can also be helpful.
If it is not clear things, take your cat to the consumption of food for a day or so. If you changed brands of food, try going back to the old when you start feeding your cat again. Even better, introduce your cat with a soft, mild rice first and see if that helps stool firm up your cat.
If your cat still has diarrhea, you will want to schedule a visit to your veterinarian. He can perform a physical examination of your cat to perform certain tests to see if there is another issue that causes diarrhea. Be sure to provide your veterinarian with a complete medical history of diarrhea so who knows how long it continues, what you do is treat the house and if it is a recurring issue.

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