Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learn some secret tips to scare crows away

If you live in a place where the threat of crows is great, then you are obviously looking for new and better ways to get rid of the crows. Besides trouble your sleep and make a mess, crows are parasites in nature. They can damage your crops and vegetables.
If your patch is filled with products to keep crows away, a full-time job. Because crows are very intelligent and sometimes they can outsmart the more intelligent we ask, and join our garden!
So what are the best ways to scare crows?
Scarecrow: This is the Ravens best method used to flee. To this all work, make sure your scarecrow as credible as possible. It should have the right height, air, clothing and proportion. Even the facial expression to be perfect. Why is it so hard to scare crows away? As mentioned earlier, crows can easily observe the scarecrow and the object is to make the man if not exactly well done. Even if successful scarecrow to keep away crows, you must position the scarecrow from time to time. Otherwise these guys will take apprehended, and you will soon find a number of crows perched on the scarecrow that was really calculated scares the crows!
Mirrors or CDs: If you have trees, you can try to mirrors to hang on CD or even recycled parts. CD's are light and move in the wind. They also reflect light. These features help to chase away crows.
A dead crow: In the past, some farmers used for hanging a dead crow at the place where other ravens come. It is clear that new Ravens are not going to regroup in one of them met his death. However, many people find this offensive option.
Crow CD: These days, an easier option is available for those who want to scare off the crows. It is possible to buy CDs that sound similar to chase away crows. Everything you need for this work is a music system. Just the CD to play during the time the crows tend to fly into your garden. You will find that in a few days, the crows stopped visiting you all. You must take the trouble to make a scarecrow or go through the tedious task and unacceptable to kill a crow!
Although crows are harmless to humans, most people consider them downright ugly, noisy and annoying.

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