Saturday, July 31, 2010

Learn which food items can be harmful for your dog

As you go around the floor at home or outside can not give you pause for reflection, but potentially fatal for your dog. See, dogs will literally eat anything about you leave lying around on the floor, whatever it is, or even if it is not edible. This can lead to a fatal situation for your dog pal.
Some things can be very intense. Like chocolate, for example. Some people may be a bit to share their dogs, but others may have a negative reaction.
Another similar case is the onion. The onion is important for us, but to a dog, there are chemicals that can be converted into deadly poison.
Garlic and mushrooms are also many other foods in our diet, but can be toxic if ingested by a dog.
Seeds can also be fatal for your dog. Most foods can be good, dogs just a bit of difficulty experienced. But Apple seed is an exception.
Chicken bones are another thing that is worth looking at. Normal bones of cows or sheep, is fine as long as your dog is chewing on it. But a chicken bone, for example, are extremely fragile and can break at the mouth of a dog. If a dog down in fragments, that they can be caused by severe suffering to a dog in the stomach or intestine.
You should know very well that every dog, especially a child, his mouth can get around almost anything. These are just a few of the things to look out for when caring for your pets. A little attention goes a long way.
Your priority number one for your pet will have to find him and make sure they are safe. Attention to the food above is a good start in ensuring that your pets safety. Keep trash and is exempt from any possible contact and you're in much better shape.

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