Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toilet train your cat permanently ,not for a short time

Are you tired of releases and religiously-cleaning litter your cat or maybe you are experiencing awful smell after each «poo" cat do? So here is a detailed step by step method of toilet training your cat.
1. Find a litter box Since the cat is used to bed to pass feces, of the transition from a litter box in a garbage bowl would be very easy. A few days before making this step, take the litter box that applies to the bathroom. The first thing you will need a stainless steel bowl that fits inside of your toilet. Make sure the cup is sufficient. You can get $ 6 bowl in a local discount store and a book with a hammer and a task to find it bounce (Make sure that the estimates and calculations you are right). Fill the bowl with a bed, keep it there for a few days and make sure it is very clean. Change and dispose after use and add new litter as well. Also, make sure the dress is never the head down. If possible, the film, the car in back of the toilet, this way you will not crush the cat when using the lavatories.
2. Platform Once your cat has mastered the new waste bowl, you want to start introducing the concept of sitting on the seat and not under the sand. Use a plastic or heavy cardboard and cut to fit the cup steel. Make sure it is stable enough to withstand the weight of your cat. You do not want to fall at this stage of the game. Cut a small way, in the center of the platform so you can still get a branch down to dig in the litter.
There is a new thing, cats like to dig holes in the trash, then you do if you're lucky, you dig a hole with one leg and turn around and continue its work into the hole. What ever happens, as long as your cat continues to use the platform will move in the right direction. If you use one of the plastic trays are easier to wash off the bugs. Remember to keep the excavation and disposal, but do not worry about adding more junk in the bin. Want to keep the level below as you prepare for the next phase.
3. The big change Now that your cat to refrain from sitting in a litter box and reliably using the platform, ready for the important passage. Gradual reduction of waste in the bowl until it had little left. Then, when he decided to stay home for the weekend (because it is the most difficult of all) to fill the front with water instead of litter. You can hate what the cat too, but be patient and allow the cat to be mastered, then you are almost free.
4. The final stretch Once your cat to use the toilet in the platform cup of water, you can remove the steel bowl together, now would be to use the toilet directly using your platform format. If all goes well, you start to cut a larger hole in the platform, keep your cat to use toilet. Just rinse is to keep a few times a day.

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