Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Learn about how to feed your cat right cat food to avaoid urinary problems

Providing proper food for cat urinary tract health is one of the easiest ways to problems with cat urine. Your cat food is vital to health and longevity more than any other factor. This is why you need to be careful about the types of food you feed your cat. In this article you will learn what is good and what is bad for the health of your cat and how to formulate the right diet for your cat's urinary health improvement.
Live on dry rations
There is always a debate between those who believe that a cat has a raw food versus those who believe that commercial food is the way to be accepted.
It is my belief that there is nothing wrong with high-quality commercial cat food diet. The reason is that it is difficult to create your own foods for cats, as I have 40 different food items that should be weighed at the right level. For example, the researchers found that high levels of magnesium leads to cat urine problems. This is all the cat food now has lower levels of magnesium.
If you choose to go to the commercial route, we recommend the purchase of a food intended AAFCO certified. If you can afford, buy food that is labeled "human species" and that is a premium canned food. Canned foods are also higher water content, an important factor because cats prefer to get their water from food.
If you feed a raw diet, or use a design by a nutritionist or a veterinarian who is for you. If you are a raw diet, avoid those that are not nutritionally adequate. These are usually labeled "For supplementation or intermittent feeding." Instead, buy foods that are labeled "food that has been proven to be nutritionally complete or sufficient for all stages of life."
Natural supplements
Natural substances such as Berberis vulg, Cantharis and staphysagris are known for their ability to add support and help avoid problems at home and cats. When given regularly, they stimulate your immune system and increase the cat's resistance to various diseases, including urinary problems. Pet Health experts say that giving a small dose of chemicals to your cat regularly can strengthen urogenital system. So, apart from providing food for cats with urinary tract health, you can also use regular dose of high quality natural supplement that contains all the natural remedies to ensure that your cat remains healthy for a long time.
A balanced diet is what your cat needs to live a long, healthy life. So, your cat's diet contains a combination of high quality organic food, raw meat, and natural supplements. It is the ideal cat for urinary tract health.

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