Friday, July 23, 2010

The amazing parrots

Birds are one of the older living creatures on the planet. They find their roots in dinosaurs, and in a very direct way for many species. For animals, old, and in many cases unchanged over time, it is impressive to see how creative and well-adapted birds. The type is best known for creativity and ingenuity are parrots.
Parrots are perhaps best known for their ability to hear sounds they often imitate. When the domestic leads to them picking up bits of human speech. For a long time was regarded as just rote recital. But the researchers were curious, and is therefore considered. The most surprising survey on the subject was done by a research team from Stanford. It seems that many parrots of the vocabulary they use to understand than you might think.
The infamous phrase "Polly want a cracker" is a classic example of a parrot to understand the words they use much better than we expected. A parrot trained to say, to understand the two nouns involved Polly (the parrot name) is indicated with the parrot as she. Cracker is to treat this Polly is looking. Most impressive is that parrots sitting in their cages understand the concept of desire. Will is a much more difficult concept to understand than "me" or "food" was. Researchers were stunned when the parrots were able to demonstrate subjective value-based decisions, such as parrot cage to use, or they prefer to stand to sit on.
Speech is not the only impressive mental acuity parrots have given us. They also demonstrate remarkable problem-solving skills and ability to use tools to do. Although these inquisitive nature makes for great interaction with parrots, it can also make for some interesting rough spots. For example, handle a complex enough to parrot cage parrot an inventive and certainly not good deeds. The simple locks that work to the cage for other species such as cats, dogs and even small birds are simply not up to task with a parrot. They can rotate and manipulate with their mouth and claws, which usually means that a parrot lock requires two hands to operate. While their trickiness can lead to occasional unwelcome surprise, parrots are really beautiful creatures that make excellent pets.

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