Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cat Furinuture

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to cat furniture, think again. The latest products that appeal to your favorite family pet is high on style (you will not be embarrassed to have a piece sitting in your living room), good price and keep the cats healthy and busy.
With the busy lives we lead, we are often gone all day. While you might prefer to spend time with your cat, it is not always possible. The wide range of cat trees, cat beds, Cat Condos, cat scratching posts, cat tunnels and you can be sure that your cat has something to do when no one around. It will not only keep them occupied, but also keeps it from doing damage to furniture, clothes or other things they may experience when they seek to entertain themselves. It also gives them a place to call their own - a place they do not have to share with you, your children or your dog.
When shopping for cat furniture:

* Look for sturdy items with a solid base that will not topple or slide across the floor.
* Choose furniture that is high enough to allow your cat to stretch.
* Look for cat furniture can be cleaned as needed.
* Look for durable materials that hold up to scratching and digging.
When introducing your pet to his new cat furniture, may take some convincing. You may need to try some tricks to show cats, this is a good place to spend time. You can:

* Rub or spray catnip catnip spray on the furniture.
* Put a heavy minimal amount of furniture for cats to play with.
* Put treats in and around furniture.
* Depending on the furniture (such as a scratching post), use it myself, so the cat can see the furniture being used.
If your cat does not seem to take well to his new cat furniture, make sure you choose something that is appealing and placed in a room where people or the views outside are present. Older cats may fail or do not want to deal with multiple levels, tunnels, or ladder; younger cats may get bored with just a scratching post or a small cat condo. Also consider the personality of your pet's. Once you have found the perfect match, your cat loves her new furniture!

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