Friday, December 31, 2010

What do yuou think Does a cat scratcjer really helps?

Owning a pet is a serious commitment. It is the responsibility requires them to proper medical care, preventing unwanted litters, and consistent high quality food. But how much thought you give your cat's mental health as well?
Animal behavioralists have been talking about tapping into the natural instincts of a cat. Cats have been domesticated only recently (in the grand scheme of the time) and still feel a strong urge to scratch and stem. Sometimes when these calls remain unanswered, the show inappropriate behavior. They may scratch the sofa or overly aggressive with your foot or hand.
If you have thought about cat furniture in the past but was not very interested in a major financial investment, or committing a large space in your home into a unit, maybe you should consider a cat scratch. A cat scratches can be a simple, inexpensive, discreet first step to your cat with a natural outlet for his energy.
A cat scratches can be a place for your cat to use energy while fulfilling her mental and emotional needs. Many models have sisal rope wrapped around the post, which makes a perfect place to scratch (and cats love the smell). Some have included a toy is a drawstring and can fly around during the game. Still other models have a flat platform on top is perfect for a nap or a perch.
Spend some time watching your cat closely. I bet you some signs that she is bored and need an outlet to see - especially when you are away. A cat can scratch entertainment, an outlet for stress, and help her work off some of the goodies you've been feeding her

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