Friday, December 31, 2010

Natural Cat Food and their foods

Why would you be interested in natural dog food? Actually, it is becoming popular for the same reasons that people eat healthier food now. If you start eating more natural foods and feeding these to your family, why not your pets too? If you are like many people, your pet beloved members of your family!

Commercial dog food is really that bad? If you look at how the wild cats eat, you will see how this is different from the modern commercial pet food. After all, your cat is a predator, a hunter in the wild. Cats especially animal protein, and not much else. Nevertheless, many commercial cat food has artificial ingredients and fillers. Fillers such as starch, add no nutritional content of food, but simply allow the manufacturer a bigger profit. Interest meat costs more than filler, so companies do not want more than they can get away with using.

If you have dogs, it is also a good idea to feed them natural food, but for cats it is a bigger problem. Dogs need and can tolerate a broader range of food than cats. As any dog owner knows, dogs eat almost anything! Meanwhile, the cats very complicated and food they do not want to ignore. This is because the diet that is natural for them are almost pure meat. One thing they can definitely do without all the extra ingredients in most brands of cat food.

Natural cat food to feed your cat, you may need to look further than your local supermarket. Just because cats are not hunters that wild cats do not mean that you can not give them a healthy, natural diet. There are many quality brands to sell natural cat today, both in specialized stores and online.

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