Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some important tips that can help you sell or buy your dream horse

When it comes to selling, produces at least one month of sale. Get your good horse, a clip, if the time of year, it guarantees, and pull or cut brush until clean (get help if you need to) belong to the tail, ears, balls and below the jaw line. Rising prices present a variety of experiences from the beach, piracy is, on the highway and the experience of competition, as well as transportation issues or floating. Get good pictures (see picture below), or they are professionally done, if possible and if the budget allows. Produces a very good video / DVD (see video song) - have several copies available to send when studies come in. Be honest statement - telling people what to expect realistically NOW not the past or future. Is this a positive relaxed on your phone when you talk to potential buyers that call and the caller gives both positive and negative stories if you can - do not exaggerate the impact. Ask your experience, but he knows many people think they ride better than them. Any person who has only mounted and riding lessons and riding schools, and has never owned a horse, they are classified as beginners, they are still a lot to learn. If you're worried about your safety on horseback (defects), or livestock or bolting to be brutally honest - it can blow the sale, but it may save their life! Ask the person what they want when they come to see the horse, which is closed, gallop, jump, or formed, and try to show what a man wants a horse, so if they want to go hack hack first!
Be on time and on a horse in time and prepare a state of cleanliness. Here, the personality of the horse and rider game - if they agree in the domestic horse?
If you do not see a horse its best chance to get more experienced friend / instructor to help the horse show at its best. Make sure you have a commonsense things honest - it should not harm the reputation, if you're away. If a potential buyer needs a few days to think about them not the dog. Is it in your mind how much you're willing to negotiate the price. If you do not watch the trial from prices or a horse and experience - if you are comfortable than to be patient! Encourage your vet to check - if you do, you show that you are hiding something. And finally, do not insist!
At the other extreme, when it comes to buying realistic about what type of horse that you want for your budget and experience. Go objectively grazing spaces, ie there is plenty of grass all year? If you're on a tight budget to get a "good" factor, which can easily maintain its condition if you do not spend a fortune to feed hard. Be aware of the cost of gear saddles especially good - a lot of running backs as the quietest horse should be unpleasant. Similarly, budget, bat teeth and the vet inevitable decline - to talk to others about what is expected. If you have requested and received the video to see the horse back when you're done - it is polite. Talk of the phone vendor is a very honest with your abilities and what you want the horse. If you see a horse that is too good to be true, it is often so, beware! If you're not very experienced, do not touch anything with a history of bolting or rearing. If you are considering a young horse, the budgetary gain experience on a regular basis, ie once a week, at least one year. Tell the seller what you want to see when to try a pony or horse, or hacking, jumping, paving and tiling, of being behind a fence, etc. If you can see the horses in different environments and the establishment of the seller, too. Please support you, as a teacher, who can stand up and put your horse through rate if you do not count on it. Others ask to speak with a horse or farrier, teachers, friends, etc., you will often find interesting information. When you set the time to see the horse, and having a good time out there, do not waste your time - Come on, what to see and let you the seller of the day. See horseshoes and ask them if they had foot problems. Ask the reliability, ie the horse is always pulled tendons, broken bones or had major damage, even checking the scars. Determine if the horse has never been "bound" (a condition in which muscle all the muscles of the horse until the cramp). Ask some tough - they kick, bite of the wind to suck, etc. Ask if the horse is Stressy / aggressive / calm / submissive, or the company itself behind a fence? Is the horse a good cut and having shod your feet? Determine if the horse is in traffic, trucks and motorcycles, etc. receive a vet check, and select a veterinarian who is a veterinarian to check all the time - they understand what a horse is required at different levels. If you find a horse of your dreams - get moving and make a deposit there. If this is not your dream horse, the seller knows politely that you are not interested as soon as you can.
It is important to take great photos HORSE
When the great horse pictures can be time consuming and frustrating. If it's a beautiful sunny day for the return of the sun and the horse. Remove the carpet, the horse and the best turnout of the horse's ability - to remove all the mud! Try the jacket to improve products and make sure that all gear must be cleaned. It is good to have a towel, fly spray and a bottle of baby oil, you (baby oil rubbed on canvas is a quick way to remove dust and shine). Stand on the side of the horse, its forelegs to the hind leg nearest to you and slightly behind the other foot, so you can take pictures in and out. When it comes to action plans, take into full light as the shutter of the camera shut down faster than your feet are less likely to blur. Photograph of a horse with both ears forward and the neck contains a balance, make sure you turn off your feet, ears, etc. Position the camera between the horse's eyes and chest, staring and answer the head of the head and shoulders. Avoiding distortions, to maintain for at least one meter away from the animal - some closeups of the head is also helpful. To attract the attention of the horse, you need to get up assistant just a few meters from your horse and wave a towel or something similar, but apparently not too close, you do not want to frighten the horse. This is the second horse is very efficient and good advice is to shake the bucket of food - or you can try a whistle. Have your helper hold the carrot or collecting grass and maintain.
What you should know CREATION videos get results!
Great video is an excellent way to show the unique personality of your horse, expressions and emotions. When you sell a horse is one of the most effective ways to quickly get the sale easy and hassle. The best place to make a video of your horse for show sales. See the entire event, or to test the school, around SJ and race, so that the viewer can get caught up in the excitement of competition. See horse action foot, horse video flat, stable surface near the solid wall, if possible. Put the horse and rider in the middle of the screen at all times and avoid pulling through the gates of the fence - trying to find a place for high tracks do not obscure the view. Follow the horse cautiously zoom too close. Try to keep a horse and rider of the same size camera lens at all times and then to the end of a beautiful horse around. Do not talk to the rider in the video - it is disgusting, and the driver and the spectator. Make sure you have a plan - not just jog around randomly! It has not mounted video young stock to try to get a rigorous walk, trot and canter. It is not always easy to do, and if it does not wait another day - a good image at a later date is preferable to a bad image now no more, even a horse. Try to produce the video MASTER send to potential buyers. This gives the potential buyer the opportunity to see the entire stock not only a horse! It should include your status, stables, and a short video of each horse. A brief description of each state name, age, race, experience and pedigree. If you can, add Nice Music Video Master. Adding a video ad site is really easy and a great way to get people to see and watch the horse at first sight - the possibility of love at first sight! You put the video in Windows Media or QuickTime format. READY, lights, camera, action!

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