Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tips on how to control your dog barking

If it is boring, you can be sure that your dog barks all the more frustrating for your neighbors.
Since your neighbors do not even protest, be proactive and approach them. Explain that you are aware of the problem and working on training your dog to stop unnecessary barking.
Most people will be more patient and forgiveness, if they know that you are working on a solution.
At first, you must make sure your dog has all the basic requirements. Clean drinking water, food to eat and a comfortable, safe place to go.
Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. If your dog is not ready for a rest when you return from a walk, did not exercise enough. Some dogs are just full of energy, even though he was tired after walking the first few hours after they need to burn more energy.
Do not think I have the time to walk my dog several times a day. There are other options you can set up or hire someone else for a second ride.
You can take your dog to play a game like looking for energetic, or work on teaching your dog obedience commands you. Thought and concentration is very tiring.
What to do when he barks
Go see if you can work on what is causing the barking.
Do not let your dog bark incessantly, distracted with noise. You can try a whistle or a hit, but you may find something more unusual to attract attention.
Once you get attention when giving commands like "sit" or "low" to continue to distract him. If obeys the command, instead of barking, praise.
Teach your dog is barking and stop barking on command. There is a debate about whether to teach a command before the other or to teach two instructions simultaneously.
The answer really depends on your dog, choose the one you think will work best, and if your dog is in trouble, to take another path.
Do not try to teach it when your dog is barking frantically.
Choose one word command for each action.
To teach the command of the bark, tease your dog with a toy or a treat, but do not give, and you can use the command "speak." Most dogs will not be disappointed, the object of desire, and bark. When he barks say "good reason" and quickly rewarded. Repeat the process.
To teach your dog the "quiet" command, the word of command or cause your dog to bark. Sometimes your dog will bark to get the desired response. After a little skin, gently hold his mouth closed as you command alone.
We are quiet and keep your mouth, praise him enthusiastically and repeat the routine. If you are not comfortable holding his mouth closed, distract his attention with a whistle or clap. Repeat "quiet" when they are calm, that lavishes praise.
To teach commands together, you must use an output word as "agreement" between the two. It sounds like "talking" dog barking "good mood", "OK" "sobriety" dog stops "good quiet"
Practice tests for short sessions every day and you will be able to control your dogs barking.

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