Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crapet Scratching is very well known and common problem found in Cats

First, make a fact of life. Cats must be zero. This is because to do the act of scratching away the old layers of cat claws, and also something natural and cats instinctively. This serves three purposes, sharpens his claws, stretching and bending of the legs, claws and the surrounding muscles and cats seem to find it a little, perhaps even healing and relaxation.
But most people do not encourage scratching your furniture, items that you are proud of - including carpets. None of these elements have different significant value to your cat, your cat does not work to earn money to buy things and do not see a problem with scratching an oak table - Wood, as the trees out there so please do not beat your cat not understand this behavior, why they have suffered, and that do not associate the bad behavior in the same way that humans do Theta. Just starting to fear and are more likely to foul too! Especially if it only a house cat, it has to scratch anywhere, and if that somewhere is one thing that people call a couch, and it's too bad.
The long-term answer to this so-called problem behavior is of course a scratching post. A variety of positions from pet stores and online. It is quite simple in structure, but if you're in to make sure that no nails or other sharp things in the office next jam is. I was a floor to ceiling, a bed for the two of us some 3x2 wood somewhere above - a great vacation spot for your cat to feel safe from small children.

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