Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get more insight on RAw Cat food

The feline digestive system is designed for raw food. They have a higher level of acidity in the stomach, making them more susceptible to bacterial infections than men. This is why many people are switching to raw foods, instead of prepackaged commercial dry and wet food in the supermarket. There are many good cat food holistic cat food manufacturers to produce high quality components, while others want their own making.
A good rule of thumb to go by, is that a cat's diet should consist of at least 75% meat. It has been proven by laboratory tests on feeding your cat a poor source of food will get it in their genes. Not eating foods that nature makes humans and animals allocated to a state of ill health. Sterility, heart problems, organ failure, and cancer are all problems that can be associated with a poor diet.
Since a cat is a predatory carnivore, they need a diet of fresh meat for their body to run at peak capacity. It's easy to assume that a cat will be healthier if you provide food, water and give it much attention, unfortunately they have raw meat, because that's what their bodies are genetically designed to accept. Raw cat food available in the market give a cat all the elements that they eat when they live in the wild, quail, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, eggs, honey, fish and a variety of vegetables.
If you're going to make your own raw cat food, make sure you have fresh meat from the butcher to get. You are feeding them raw food and do not want a piece of beef is the collection of bacteria on the shelves of your local mall for hours or days. Make sure that the 75% rule to follow and if you mix yourself and add a pre-biotic supplement for healthy digestion.

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