Monday, October 25, 2010

Gather some good information on food allergies In Cats

There are many symptoms that cats get when they have a food allergy. Allergic skin reaction is not necessarily unusual. The cat scratches on the head and face and skin are usually mutilated in front of the ears and above eyes. These cats are so itchy that they self-destruct in an attempt to stop itching. Scratch your head and skin in front of the ears is a feature.
Cats can also be chronic vomiting. Vomiting soon after eating is typical of an allergic reaction to food if the body rejects it immediately. This can be distinguished from hairballs and vomit do not contain large amounts of hair.
Cats often have chronic diarrhea. This will stop when the allergen is no longer included. This should not be confused with intestinal parasites are common in cats. Fecal tests should be done to check for parasites.
Eosinophyllic granulomas have a plaque formation that forms in the cats mouth or skin. These lesions are flattened as a thick pink swelling or an ulcer-like lesion.
Fish and dairy products are the most common food allergens in cats. Fish is a staple ingredient in many cats. It is a common food allergens in cats.
Avoid ingestion is the only way to reduce symptoms and subsequent disease caused by a food allergy. Food allergies are common and unfortunately often overlooked by the cat owner and veterinarian alike. Cats with food allergies are miserable and unbearably itchy. It's so easy to cure.
Cats with one or all of the above symptoms need a food elimination.

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