Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flea results that will surprise you

It's hard enough to figure out a good natural flea control method, but when you factor in special risks for cats, it's really a challenge. Let me easily! I have lots of homework and science experiments, so you do not have to.
Surprising facts about fleas and control cats
Does your cat hate getting a chemical flea treatment? Do you worry about the safety of flea treatments? You are not alone.

* Although the EPA has begun questioning the safety of chemical flea treatments.
* While manufacturers will tell you not to use chemical flea treatments on animals that are sick or elderly, but so often our beloved animals shows that they are sick before it's too late. Flea treatment could really serious injury when their immune system is affected by something else.
* Only recently has revealed that a few of the popular herbal remedies fleas also toxic to cats in particular. I refer to garlic and essential oils.
Why cats have special needs when it comes to flea control
It is only recently emerged that cats actually the possibility that substances in essential oils (and undoubtedly many other, less natural products) detoxification defect.
It turns out that cats have a deficiency of an enzyme called tranferases glucuronyltransferases, which is crucial for a detoxification process called glucuronidation. Glucuronidation is what most animals, including humans, use to safely handle things such as terpenes in essential oils.
This means that the components of essential oils can quickly build organs in cats and are poisonous to them. Essential oils seem to be toxic to cats of the skin, internal and perhaps even through breathing. You can imagine that other chemicals are probably even harder for them to detoxify.
Easy solutions natural flea water repellent for cats
I stumbled on vitamin B-method so long ago and to my surprise, it worked. Many years ago I gave my cat a vitamin B tablet made for pets, and they had no fleas, although a second cat in the house!
The product that we used at that time no longer exists, but I found a new I still get excited about it because they get good reviews and has a money-back guarantee. It is called Flea Treats, and you can order online or get it on holistic pet shops. Flea Treats are easy to use, because most cats love the taste. Give it to them with their food every day - particularly in the flea season - and repulsive power kicks in about 10 days later.
I can also recommend brewer's yeast as a good B vitamin repulsive. (In case you are wondering, I can not sell Flea Treats!) Just be very careful not to give cats no yeast that extra iron or additives. It may be toxic. The only truly "clean" beer yeast for cats I've found so far is Lewis Labs brewers yeast. Mix 1 teaspoon of food a day, at least during flea season.
If you're in the middle of a flea outbreak right now!
If in the middle of a flea outbreak to begin vitamin B-method, but it takes about 10 days to start flea water repellent, so you'll need something more.
Here's what to do:
1. Get the B-vitamin-go method.
2. Make a flea trap in one or two infected sites. (These are mostly dark places.)
Flea traps are cheap and easy and they really catch fleas. You can be a good year for less than $ 15 online or make your own by adding a pot with water and soap under a table lamp on the floor at night.
3. Get a flea (cheap pet stores or online) and comb your pet daily until you no longer see fleas or eggs on the ridge. Each time you catch fleas or eggs in the comb, dip it in some natural hot soapy water and dry comb thoroughly.
After about 10 days B vitamins will start to make your cat unattractive to the fleas, fleas and many will already be eliminated by combing and fishing. Each dangle, fleas, including any new boy, will find their way out of the building because they need food.
Latest tips
To prevent flea food when your cat is not good, the dose at some B-complex for humans.

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