Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let your Cat have fun with toys

Well I must say that it is a good game with your cat if he is willing, it is so fun and just take your mind off everything around you.
I remember my two cats was only 9 weeks each, who were brothers, who got a holding Fri, what a bunch of laughs, it would be in our lives! Only for the journey home by car itself an adventure! These two kittens will not stand still for even a second. My friend was trying desperately not to leave them under my feet!
OK, so we were not ready, but when he was about a half a mile from our house, we thought we would have no cat, and we only start one! But when we saw them both together, we realized we were inseparable, and both should come with us!
We hebben games almost everything imaginable, ropes, old cloth, plastic bottles, etc. But it will do, because everything is moving cat is actually a pretty good goal! I think the best thing I discovered was eating a packet of crisps and then knead the package in your hand when you form a fist, to stay with a neat ball!
So now not only have to enjoy just a little snack, but hey presto I have a game for Ted and Stimpy! And you know it's just so much fun with these things, because that's the point is to simply watch and enjoy a little furry friend with a lament one years with the simplest things. Later we bought them a little mouse running around the room, but the cat was soon tired, I realized that was not authentic and thus lost interest!
Also, you should go with them in their games, as we all know what our young friends at a show can be!

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