Friday, October 15, 2010

Dog feces and associated health Risks

All dog waste contains cause certain types of bacteria and other parasites, stomach ailments and other diseases, if it is swallowed. However, the main risk Hundehaufen toxocariasis.
Toxocariasis is basically an infection of a specific type of nematode called Toxocara canis.
Young children are vulnerable to such illnesses because their immune week and there so it is easy to the body when they come into contact with dog faeces into force. The larvae try to migrate through the human body, how's about a dog, but they treated the human body as a foreign body that causes a reaction and tissue damage.
How to reduce the risk of these diseases
• Scoop your dog poop immediately after bad dog, either at home or on the street make sure to use a doggy bag so as not to defile himself.
• Make it a point to put de worm your dogs with the use of pills by a veterinarian is available.
The Bag It and Bin
Immediately after a dog has a lodge, to ensure that you clean up as soon as possible. It is advisable to have a poop scoop used to hold the house and put it in a bag, the dogs in the trash the rear, which can in most parks and Dog Walking areas are raised, or if it can fly away to be used in a biodegradable bag other biodegradable waste can or take a dog down the toilet. Some dogs are flushable bags, so you can take home your used doggy bag and flush down the toilet. What happens if you are sure do not touch on the aft deck, how you can become infected if they accidentally wash your hands immediately be contacted.
Doggy bags can be found in many places, can in supermarkets, pet shops, veterinary clinics, including gardens, parks and Dog Walking, airports, hotels and motels that allow dogs to be purchased. It is always advisable to have a doggy bag with you when you walk with your dog only if you have to take a poo.
It is strongly recommended that pregnant women take extra precaution when it have to do dog waste, such as wearing gloves and place it comes from and the tail immediately after use.

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