Monday, October 25, 2010

Things you need to consider and keep in mind before For Buying A Cat Drinking Fountain

While many people may think that buying a drinking fountain for a cat or dog is a simple matter, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind about the animal health as a convenience for the owner. Let's take a brief look at some of the biggest problems with the hope that you enjoy an informed decision when it's time for a drinking fountain for your cat to buy:
Perhaps the most important consideration is the material the fountain is made of. This problem is not so much about the quality of the building when it comes to health: Some materials retain moisture and bacteria more than others and this can lead to a higher chance that your cat will pick up an infection in her urinary tract. To combat this problem, be sure not to skimp on costs by drinking fountains and find something with a non-porous material. Generally, stay away from most of the plastic! Good materials are ceramic, stainless steel, or anything else that is not porous.
You may be tempted to get a cat drinking fountain that comes with all the bells and whistles now, but it is not necessarily the best way to proceed. Sometimes it's better to buy a product with just a few, well-implemented features. If you get a really good price on a product which is packed with features, you can be pretty sure that there are compromises in design or manufacturing processes. This means useless features that will break after a short time, and the general structure of the product that is heavily affected.
So what features you're looking for? At a bare minimum, you should use a fountain a sort of water filtration system uses the purchase. By far the most common filter medium is charcoal, a cheap and easily replaceable materials that people have used for decades when it comes to water purification. Make sure to look around the bar to ensure that the filter you buy is compatible with an affordable and easy to find replacement cartridges too. You definitely do not want to buy an expensive fountain only to find that the company no longer manufactures replacement filters for 2 months your property!
The fountain is an interesting shape? Makes it sound? These are the kinds of questions you should ask when considering how entertaining it is for your cat. This is a great thing to consider is simply because most people buy these fountains to give the cat a subsistence lifestyle, while they are away for extended periods. Of course, if you leave the cat alone for a while, it might be nice to give something to occupy her mind.
Many cats drinking fountains are designed with this factor in mind, with something of strange sounds, intricate shapes and captivating water features that will keep your cat entertained and hydrated!
There are certainly several things to consider as long as your cat's health and wellbeing in the first game in your mind when the time comes to make a purchase, it is hard to go wrong account.

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