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How you can train your cat to start using litter box

Normally, cats do not much care - no need to go, your cat, there is no need for them to take every day. Your cat will love to play in the house, napping in her favorite sleeping and playing with his toys. Dog training involves a very long time and patience when training a cat use a litter box is much easier.
Why cats need cat bowls
Training a cat to use a litter box easy to use as the way in which cats use to pee in the wilderness. Feral cats are usually purchased by predators and smell of their urine, they try to hide to hide their condition. They do this by covering the urine with sand and dirt.
Typically, dogs trained to this wonderful product for the first time they entered the field because they come from, that the box a big toilet because it thought them to hide their urine and contents of the reporting application.
Trained the cat will continue to use the litter box. Exceptional circumstances or medical problems can interfere with this habit.
Helpful Tips - Training your cat use a litter box
In general, no special training, but cats are different. A cat litter can be started immediately, while others more time and attention. Here are some training tips that can be useful.
Choose a cat litter with a reasonable size. Cat owners should know care that the cat should be higher so that cat would feel comfortable.
• The location of cat litter are also important. The box may not be in a place with high traffic, because the cat needs privacy. In addition, the cat is not something you want on all the time.
• During training, you must delete objects that your cat may decide to use as a toilet. For example, domestic cats very attractive to cats. You need all the plants, until your cat is trained to use the litter box.
• If you catch the cat pee outside the box, take your pet and threw it in the box.
• How long does it take?
We have already said that it is relatively easy to train for a cat with this product. But if you have more than one month, exercise, and there are no further positive results, please contact your veterinarian to ensure that no problems and reasons for rejection of the cat using the box. If there are problems, you should consider consulting a professional animal trainer.
What should I do if my cat refuses to use the litter box?
If your cat refuses to use cat litter, and you do not want to hear, a professional animal trainer, there are some options that you try yourself. The first thing is to try to change the litter as your cat just might prefer a different type of litter. If this is the problem, changing the nest to help.
Another thing to try is to change the location of this litter box. Your cat may not like where it is and the problem can be solved if we just moved the litter box.
Some people believe that your success is your cat to this solution, if your pet is limited by train. This way you can control the cat is visiting the bathroom. A week or two should be sufficient time of his captivity.
Accidents during training
There is a possibility for accidents while training your cat use a litter box. As all cat owners know, the smell of cat urine very strong, but you should never try to remove the smell of detergent. The cat is in a position not even the scent you and your pet will continue the same place, because to use the smell. You have to remove to a specially designed detergent the smell completely.
Different types of pins
You can keep the kind of product, you should use to train your cat. You can choose to either open or domed cat litter boxes, or you can use a cat litter that cleans automatically use to get the waste.
If you use an open litter box, you will see and smell the contents. Dome-shaped box comes with filters that are very useful for removing unpleasant odors. Another advantage of the domed cat litter boxes is that you do not see the waste.
Some cats have no particular preference for the type and location of their litter boxes, but others would enjoy the privacy and a dome that can be used such as.
If you are one that automatically prefer balls cat litter waste, you must remember that they are expensive. In addition, some cats did not stand the noise of the engine and mechanisms. These cat litter boxes have a sensor that can be cleaned after using the litter box.
Change Nest
After your cat is trained to use litter box, you can create a number of reasons for change nest. It is recommended to do it, the need to prevent the cat that scratches seen train.
You can by adding small amounts of new nest and start to mix with the old. Then gradually increase the amount of new litter and decrease the old to the new litter box with the full.
Many people believe that it is very difficult for a cat use a litter box train, but this is not the case. In some cases, more patience and time as necessary, but in general is a simple and rapid procedure that has no major efforts

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