Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get to know more on Animal Cruelty Stories

After reading a few stories recently about cruelty to animals, especially cats, I find it so unbelievable carelessness and total disregard some people have a different life.
The story of pink caught my eye. Pink is dumped into a fence in the back yard of a person a night. Cried the owner of the RSPCA as soon as the cat and reported on closer inspection noticed that the cat is painted pink.
It was later revealed that the owner of Pink's real name was later revealed as Oi! Kitty had naturally dyed white cat, pink himself as to match her hair. The owner came forward after seeing the publicity the case has attracted the RSPCA and asked for her cat back.
What bothers me is that the woman got the idea of an American TV show where they have something similar for dogs. The woman told the newspaper that she used food coloring, knowing that it will not cause and can not possibly be toxic if it is edible. The problem is obvious blatant disregard for animal welfare. The stress you put the animals when they have to apply the dye and also to stop them purify themselves as dye sets in. It must be a terrible ordeal for the animal to be transferred .
Nor did I hear that the owner did nothing wrong in his actions!
Another story that caught my attention is that of a three month old kitten was dumped in a plastic bag and left to die in a common area decline. Fortunately for both kittens one heard the cries and called the RSPCA.
It just amazes me how people can become careless and prepared so that only their hands on something, like a living thing when it is not love that suites them. The animals depend on us for almost everything, it makes me sick to think how easy it is for some people to just throw something like that and dodge responsibility.
My personal opinion is that the law and the RSPCA not hard enough on the perpetrators and for these people to continue their pets after the rate of recidivism is just blatant ignorance.

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