Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things you should do when you are taking care of new born kittens

When babies are born first mother cat and litter must be kept away from any other animal, or they can catch diseases. You will drink from their mothers nipples and meow a lot. These may be small, but means that they need more attention. There must be food and water for the mother cat 24 / 7 and wont take enough milk for babies to drink. If chickens are not getting enough milk wont grow and die.
Kittens are good for people who have enough time to deal with them and show them some love. Kitty loved to pet and people sit and sleep in shifts. The kittens are wonderful animals to sleep really well and is warm hug. It takes 7-10 days for kittens to open their eyes completely. As their eyes open eye gunk that sticks to the side of the eye, which should be cleaned with warm water.
Children may not be up kittens kittens open their eyes completely. Kitty is not easy but it is difficult to get, just to be able to give them 24 / 7 care until they are old enough to open their eyes and go. Until you can go get a box and put a blanket and pillow there and then pick the kittens in the back of the neck, but not too hard. Make sure the room is too hot and not too cold and make sure the room has no children have much time, because the kittens are afraid.
Kittens grow up to be great pet lover. They are good with people.

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