Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that you can do to keep your cat away from Christmas tree this year

Okay, so the whole year you buy your kitten or cat climbing posts and shiny, dangling toys that they love to play. Then comes Christmas, and you go in the biggest pebble stenosis game they've ever seen, with not one, but tons of dangling strings and balls just for them! Combine your love for cats to climb trees with all the new toys hanging from the IT and you have yourself a kitten and excited a serious problem!
Cats demolish and destroy your beautiful Christmas tree is not a new problem. Cat owners have tried everything from tying up the tree to the wall using artificial trees (if your cat is like mine, it makes no difference!) Spraying the cat with a bottle of water, or using Bitter Apple Spray.
Well, I would immediately look away from the water bottle trick, if it is electric Christmas lights! Bitter Apple works for some, but wears off quickly and regularly recycled for the lights unplugged. Some pet owners have expressed their cats really love the taste, while others argue that it works for cats but the dog loves it! Finally Bitter Apple works as a deterrent taste. If your cat has a taste of the tree, it's not too late!? Do not be discouraged. There is a solution available that is completely safe for children and pets and has worked for our clients. Keep Away works differently by using fragrance and its deterrent than taste. It produces a pleasant minty smell to us, but for cats and dogs are the same as us taking a deep sniff horseradish! Stay away stops before they are climbing the tree swallow tinsel and tear down all the jewelry or chew your favorite shoes!

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