Sunday, July 4, 2010

Does your cat sleep good at night

If your cat is keeping you awake at night? That would leave the room at all times?
If yes, then you're probably crazy.
During the day, almost all cats nap. They will jump into bed, when you get up and curl the ball. How it all a dream, your cat is a lot of energy into the night. This will result in your feline friend keeps you awake at night. This show, especially after the second or third day at work, spending the previous night. This may be the real problem is not as effective as it should be at work. If your pet has something against you? If he does this on purpose? Probably not. This is not the fault of the animals. Cats being night. They crawl at night in search of mice. Cats have discovered hundreds of years ago, when they're people, they are mice and rats.
This was an advantage for the location of human and cat. Cats receive food and the people of rodent control. Cats have virtually eliminated the mouse and rat problems, and people discovered that they loved cats. People started keeping these animals as pets. As owners feed their Kitty, they do not have to hunt for rodents more. You can not get rid of the cats instinct to go and hunt for these rodents. What to do if your cat will keep you up all night? If you have outdoor cats, you probably do not have this problem. Indoor cats are the main problem in this dilemma.
People who have indoor cats tend to cause, they can not escape.
Try using your cat in the morning before work and leave when you get home. The use of this energy could be moved at night. Games you bought with your pet with a string or a toy store. Play with your cat just enough to spend the energy stored during the night.
Increasing the amount of time each night, if your kitten gets boring for the first time in a relatively short period of time. All this is stored energy that would want to spend your cat to catch rodents. expenditure at the end of this energy, meetings, get the cat to some products from him. If you play ready, give the kid a few treats.
This will simulate the animals natural measure, and can only tires available for most nights. This may take some time, but it will be well worth it once you start to always sleep at night.

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