Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scratchy cat and cat claw covers

Stop worrying about scratching for cats uncontrolled and damaging furniture for the house. Now there is a solution for the cat claws. Softfoot coatings is an alternative to the inhuman act of claws cats. This product comes in various sizes, suitable safe for your cat at any age and weight.
Here are some comments about the different sizes of cat claws are covered:
Soft Paws (kitten size)
These kits are soft paws claws missing covers for your kitten. Most owners of the animals preferred to wait for at least three or four months before they trim the nails of her cats, because cats nails too short. But if you want to use the kit for your cat as soon as possible to reduce a product only to build its headquarters in your nail kittens. Do not forget to perfect before they stay with them.
Soft Paws / Soft claws (small)
This set of soft paws is best suited for cats with a weight of 8 kg. The kit will be in different colors. There are many pet owners, that seems to be happy to read kit is suitable for your cat. In paperback, it was so simple to use, that the cat wont even bother if you try to take on the nails.
Soft Claws (medium)
This soft foot covers, is ideal for cats with a weight of 10-15 kg. Cover with this set to your cat's claws will help prevent your cat from scratching the wrong things in your house.
Soft Claws (large)
Large soft kit contains a large claws nail covers fit, that a cat with a weight of 14 kg and above. The kit also weighs a few ounces more than the weight of the kitten size. Most cat owners have the same opinion that the more cats, strong claws will be there.

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