Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things you need to know before bringing another cat in your house

Everything from my kids wanted a pet, a cat at home. Male cats will love all the women who bring you women do not like when it will take you to another of the same sex at home. They are fighting or simply ignore each other. When you introduce a new cat home, you'll probably keep them separate. Of course, they can themselves by staying in one place home. By staying in one place, the cat will get used to feeling safe and in this space. Over time, the cat will get used to each other. As time passes, the two cats may be in the same space. You still have to watch for periodic bursts TIFF. Jury might be so is not one of them wounded the other.
They can even put in the same bed for a nap. They are located at opposite ends of it properly. You can also track if you keep attacking the other. Can you tell one of them will do something. Just separate them for a few minutes. Finally, they learn that behavior is not tolerated. Going from one place to another home, the two cats will not by another. They can be nervous and very cautious not to be defeated by the other.
Both of them can believe the manufacturer, which they should be nice to each other.
If both cats have a feeling they are protected you, they're not as nervous.
After a period of time in both Kitty would understand that they have nothing to fear from each other. They tolerate each other at least. Mealtime is a time when the kitty will get along. they like to eat. They will get two other ways as long as you have a plaque or a separate dish for each individual cat. They can continue to watch each other to see what happens. After a few glances, they understand that there is no risk and just eat their food.
After several months, it's pretty obvious if the two cats are friends or just sharing a residence.

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