Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balance diet of rabbit

Rabbits eat, the essential elements in the right quantity and ratio to ensure optimum growth and nutrition. If you are or thinking about raising rabbits should also be the difference between high-fiber rabbit food compared to high (high protein and energy) diet of rabbits know. Most people who switch between two styles of feed and are not very happy with either.

Why? Because of the high production rodent diet that promotes good growth, while using less food (saves money), causing digestive problems and lead to high mortality (death) rates (average 20%). Besides baby bunnies in a high production of food is more likely to have bloating and digestive problems with diarrhea, and adult rabbits to a shortened lifespan. Because of this reason that people are switching to a high fiber feed digestion and found that while mortality rates have fallen and so do the rates of growth. This increases the feed bill, because it takes more food to raise the rabbits and it soon became too expensive.

What is the answer? Many scientists have studied and published their findings in many areas of raising rabbits and essential nutritional requirements that commercial feed manufacturers have not been used in forming their eating rabbit! Some feed manufacturers cause to believe that this "cutting edge" of rabbit food, because they try to do their "own" labs. However, a quick analysis of the rabbit food as it was published by many reputable scientists that the commercial world to feed the rabbit seriously lacking in some areas. How can you improve the existing rabbit eat? The best food for raising rabbits is just a balance that is appropriate for certain stages of life!

Why is it important for a balanced rabbit food? Imagine building a rabbit out of a series of mini-blocks (rabbit food ingredients). Many blocks are unique and a special purpose not met by other, more general building blocks. For a complete and healthy rabbit should have enough of the special blocks in the correct ratio for less than one (the limiting factor) cause everything else is wasted. In addition, rabbit is in the process and get rid of the excesses that caused stress and reduces feed efficiency. Also using a formulation of feed for raising rabbits in each age group did not meet their nutritional needs and different compromises their health and productivity and feed efficiency.

In short, those who want to raise rabbits successfully, you have engaged in and learn more about the following:

Crude fiber
Crude fat
Natural Vitamins
Chelated minerals

Moderate, all these elements are included in a rabbit eating the proper ratio (balanced) and the level of quality to ensure optimal growth and efficiency.

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