Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diet for you pet Rabbit

House Rabbit has a good diet. Although limited in the small corners of your home, their health will be maintained through proper nutrition and diet.

Pellets do great addition to the health of the rabbit. Ideally they should be crisp, and fiber, with a minimum of 18%. In buying pills is not recommended to buy feed more than 6 weeks once. By the time they are sixth week, they are spoiled.

But when a rabbit gets older, the less pills to be given, but it still has hay all day. You know why hay must be maintained regardless of age? Well, for starters, hay is very important in maintaining the health of a rabbit. They provide roughage that potential damage from hairballs ASL and other obstacles decreases. Apart from that, twigs of apple tree is also a good source of roughage.

The amount of food to be fed to rabbits depending on their age. During the first 3 weeks of life, it is advisable to breast feed the rabbits. Once they reach the third and the fourth week, should they start with sips of pellets and alfalfa, along with milk. You can start by giving them free access to alfalfa pellets and during their 4 to 7 weeks.

Once they reach 7 weeks old, and until 7 months, she can now have free access to pellets and hay, without any restrictions. Vegetables come into play during the 12th week, or three months. But to less than half a gram in a single food alone. If your rabbit is only 12 weeks old and you're looking for vegetables, do not forget to buy different types. Look for vegetables of different colors, like dark leafy greens and root vegetables. But stay away from beans and rhubarb.

Rabbits over 6 years is said to be in their seniority. At this point, it is advisable to keep a proper weight, while maintaining the diet for adults. If the rabbit is vulnerable, it's a good idea to give them unlimited access to pellets to increase their weight. Conversely, alfalfa asked if they are underweight rabbit has normal calcium levels. Therefore, blood must be maintained for one year seniors.

Regarding the question of feeding small pills, it is important to compensate for the nutrients they need. Therefore, you need to feed your pet a lower standard pills, it is important to the special nutritional replace missing without adding calories. This can be done through veggie substitute. Apart from that, it should be different kinds of straw and hay throughout the day are called by them from time to time new hay.

In principle, a good diet for rabbits from a high quality pellets, hay, alfalfa, varied fresh vegetables and water. But if you give them more, so be sure to limit the quantities it may lead to obesity as a rabbit.

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