Sunday, September 25, 2011

Insight on Rabbit Cage For Breeding Rabbits

Many people have started breeding rabbits to get food for their table. The reasons range from the cost of food in the supermarket with the desire to get away from commercial meat that was raised on antibiotics and bad food. Rabbit meat is tasty and low in fat. Domestic rabbits are all white meat. It is soft and versatile.

Mon do can produce 1.000% of its own weight in meat per year. Very impressive, is not it? Rabbits do not have much room to increase it. Together with the flesh of your rabbits produce a good amount of manure. Rabbit manure can directly from the rabbit to the garden. It does not need to compost.

Now, consider increasing your rabbit, you need them cages. Cages should be in a barn or a canopy that protects animals from wind and weather. Cages can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Cages should be large enough for the adult rabbit plenty of room to move and make way for a growing brood have.

Mesh cage is the best material for raising rabbits. You can easily see through it, so you can know of any problems that may be taken. Wire is easy to clean. Use heavy 14 gauge wire that is welded together. It must be galvanized to give long life. Floors should be made of ½ inch by 1 inch wire, while the walls and ceilings can be made of 1 inch by 2 inch wire. If you have extra money, spring baby saver wire. This wire has a smaller aperture at the bottom, which can prevent the fall of baby bunnies in the cage.

Place the cage pieces with J clips or hog rings. Make the door big enough for you to easily clean the cage. It should be large enough for a litter box can easily fit through. If you stack your cages, make sure you have a number of corrugated iron or other material under the top bunk in a corner, so that all feces and urine will be left in the cage below. You do not want the rabbits to the following recipients of the manure from above.

Once your cage is ready, they mounted to a wall or hang from ceiling beams by means of heavy rope or chain. Plan a regular routine to eliminate waste. Breeding can occur when rabbits are about six or seven months old for most breeds. Always take the doe to Buck cage. If you kill the goat of the woman, she can attack him. Does are very territorial about their cages. When you breed a doe, you can feel her cage with date and note the date you need her to provide a nest box. There are metal holders that you can buy rabbit tools that hangs from the cage. They are just the right size for an index card. Always check and double check. You do not want to lose a litter because you have forgotten the box and linen supply.

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