Sunday, September 18, 2011

how should you care for your Holland Lop rabbit

Holland Lop rabbits came from the Netherlands. This bunny rabbit breed was recognized by Council of Holland in 1964 and in rabbits Breeders' Association of America in 1979.

Holland Lop rabbits are popular pets for possession of a non-aggressive behavior and a sweet character. They are considered juniors until they are 6 months old. From 7 months on, they are called seniors.

This breed originated as a rabbit breeder named Adrian de Cock from the Netherlands tried to Holland Dwarf Lop buck and doe fresh race. After several attempts at breeding and crossing of the nest, he came to Holland LOP. De Cock, Holland LOPs was 2.4 to 3 kg in size. He came with the most desirable specimens less than two kg weight, and presented them to the Rabbit Council of Holland. After that, it was Holland Lop rabbit recognition as a new breed.

Holland Lop rabbit is loved and popular with several breeders, pet owners and rabbit lovers because of their inherent attractive and compact size. This is one of the smallest lop-eared rabbit breed category. Their common muscular stocky body can be characterized by short thick legs, deep chest and shoulders broke. They are usually white, black, broken black tortoiseshell shade of color. The Holland LOP are the dwarf category. The Holland LOPs grow and live normally, and can easily weighing 5 lbs. The ears of a Holland Lop hang 1 inch below the jaw. They have their heads high on their shoulders.

It is imperative for the owners of this breed to keep the weight of the rabbit in the control. Take precautions so that the rabbit is not too thick. Reproductive problems may arise ID fat is built around the ovaries. Keep a Holland Lop weight under control to ensure good health.

Although Holland Lop rabbits are relatively small in size, these rabbits are notoriously playful and active. It is therefore advisable to include them in a large cage, as they are meant to be cared for as a pet. Although it is a good choice for a first time rabbit owner, Holland Lop Rabbit tends to be a little hyper and nervous. Why use them carefully recommended.

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