Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can Rabbit cages be Reused for next Rabbit and is it ok?

Rabbits are preferred by adults and children, not only because they are cute, cuddly and cute, but easy to care. Rabbits are good comrades and good pets for children and adults and a way to stress because of your busy and hectic schedules at work and school.

Pet owners prefer to have them as pets because they are friendly, tame and can be treated with caution. You do not bathe and care for them, often because they are self-groomers. Receive special care and attention, you can establish special ties to them. Because they are sociable creatures, they love to play, to roam and to sit beside you.

You must remember to have rabbits as pets requires enormous responsibility you as the owner of the animal, because you need them with nutritious food and vitamins and give them a safe place to live. With the presence of environmental hazards such as rain, snow and predators, it is your duty to protect them from danger.

Despite the limited resources you have, you can still offer them a safe place to stay by reusing the old rabbit cages. That does not mean you need new equipment and supplies for your pet to buy, because you can still provide quality place to live by recycling your old rabbit cages.

There are different ways to recycle your old rabbit cages, all you have to do is spend time to clean and disinfect.

Factors to consider when cleaning and renovation rabbit cage:

    * Before supplies and accessories place on the rabbit cage, make sure they are clean first. Brush the floor a fecal stains. Use bleach or vinegar solution to remove the pungent odors. Make sure they dry in the heat of the sun, after cleaning their cage.
    * If you have a cage made of wood, you can paint or new paint. Before you begin to paint again, double check for any errors in their lock houses.
    * Make sure your cage, warm and cozy, where they can relax, sleep and rejuvenate. Make sure you have a small enclosure where they can hide and sleep position. Add dried hay, shredded newspaper or straw. Avoid the use of aromatic oils in the cage because it can at the expense of their lungs.
    * You can also unused and clean towels, fabric and carpet remnants to keep warm in cold weather.
    * Place the cage or in your home, garden or backyard. Put it in a quiet place because they are very sweet and serene surroundings.
    * Keep them out of reach of your pets like dogs and cats.
    * Be sure to clean and remove the used and dirty bedding and shredded newspapers once or twice a week for breeding of bacteria and viruses.
    * Always clean water and food container into the cage to prevent contamination and to keep your rabbit from disease.


  1. Can you put a rabbit in a cage where your old rabbit used to live. Will it decline the cage as it will smell the old rabbit?

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