Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tips on how to raise a rabbit

Raising rabbits can be a challenge. Recently, researchers have a number of essential food and environmental factors influence the success of a project that is breeding and raising rabbits. They found that the time the light is on (day length or photoperiod) for rabbits, affects how long a DOE will nurse her kits. It will thus affect the fertility of a DOE that the longer days of their conception (pregnancy) rate their success at raising babies to weaning age increases. But they also discovered that, after weaning, the rabbits eat more, grow faster and are more efficient in the use of feed, when the day length is shortened.

In addition, the researchers explain why the first time that rabbits generally poor mothers and why they have a high mortality. The main factors influencing their success is the time (age) with their first gig, and their appetite during pregnancy and lactation of their kits. More thorough investigation has found effective ways to improve appetite and promote optimum health and productivity of the female rabbit doe and her kits. The method requires a specialized nutrition program established months before you ever grow.

The future reproductive ability of a rabbit do also depends on the breeding, or how long you let her nurse kits before weaning and then re-breeding of Doe. All responses in this study (and references) is described in a Free 10 Part Email mini-course on breeding and raising rabbits. Whether you are raising rabbits for pets or for commercial meat production data is guaranteed to work, and supported by published research.

David Sherwood grew up raising rabbits for fun and profit. His advanced academic and real world experience has given him an extensive knowledge that will help you to understand and solve many of the problems of those who raise rabbits. Follow the link to learn more about his qualifications and "common sense" answers to questions and learn about the rabbit natural rabbit food.

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