Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gather some toips as what one can do to make a good garden for the birds

The perfect garden for birds is not necessarily the perfect garden for people, but neither are the two mutually exclusive. With just a little effort, you can design a garden that both you and your friend will enjoy bird. In planning the perfect bird sanctuary or garden are the things you most want to take into account food, water and shelter. If these three elements will have no problems attracting birds to your garden.

The size of the garden is not a big factor. Even the smallest of gardens can contain enough of the ingredients needed to attract birds. So what are these ingredients?

For starters, you can plant fruit bearing trees or shrubs. In a large garden, an apple or peach tree, a magnet for birds when they begin to bloom. If you are limited to a small area, a hawthorn bush honeysuckle hedge or serve the same purpose. Fruit-bearing trees and shrubs act as a kind of self-stocking pantries and food source for birds will absolutely love.

The other thing that attracts birds to your garden is a water source. A bird bath placed in an open area not only gives them easy access to a place to drink and bathe, but also a key part of your garden. Some of the new solar bird baths to help keep the water fresh without a drain on your electric bill.

But even better than a bird bath can be a pond. Damme, in addition to providing water for the birds and give them a place to swim, attracts insects which then feed the birds. Eating insects is one of the things that are not appreciated birds for us. Because insects represent a large part of their natural diet, they help keep insect populations in a natural way without putting your yard with pesticides.

And finally the third thing that attracts birds to your garden shelter areas. You may find your garden bird houses to attract different types. Most birds love to build structures already found that they can live and raise their young. Besides the reception, you can also plan and shrubs of the species are not attracted to man-made shelter areas. Planting of some thick bushes, they will be comfortable nest.

Overall, the combination of these three elements make you a garden that will be filled with sounds and song of birds throughout the year.

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