Sunday, September 11, 2011

What do you think is it possible to train pet Rabbits or not?

Animals in your home to contact. Rabbits love their share of attention. Rabbits can learn tricks like other animals do. Unlike other animals, rabbits have to learn a different way.

Let us first compare the growth of dogs and rabbits. The dog is obviously part of a package. The owner of the dog, the leader or alpha dog. The dog will want to do the alpha and is therefore a good topic training.

The rabbit on the other hand, not pleasing the other rabbits (the leader) race them. Wild rabbits live in Warren (underground tunnels) and rabbit is the strongest leader. Collaboration is not a top priority for a rabbit.
Dog for the most part get along well with other dogs. Rabbits will not necessarily do well with other rabbits. Rabbits seem to get along better with cats, dogs, humans than rabbits unknown.

Training a rabbit takes a different approach than a dog. Pressing a rabbit is a big NO-NO. Not only do they have a body that is not physical abuse, but you can teach hatred towards you. There are cases where a rabbit could be vindictive.

Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement is very necessary to train a rabbit. Redirect is an excellent exercise technique. It is natural for a rabbit to chew. The legs of your furniture is simple and tasty. Give the rabbit chew toy, like a paper towel cardboard rolls.

Digging in the carpet is a natural instinct. Rabbits dig holes in the wild to escape danger. The ideal recipe for a rabbit digging a safe place in the garden. Rabbit is needed to dig and almost leave the carpet alone.

Rabbits should be spayed or neutered for their best health and especially the need to delineate territory. If rabbit is using a corner to pee and repeated correction and white vinegar to clean will not stop the problem, you may need to give in and get a litter box and put it in the corner.

The idea of ​​having your rabbit to use a litter box make excellent sense. Let us first examine what litter to use and what not use. Although relatively inexpensive clay and clumping litters are bad for your rabbit. Clay dust in the air or on the legs can cause severe respiratory problems. One thing to note is the size of cats rabbit. Do not use cedar or pine shavings, they can cause liver problems. Or use organic litters made from recycled paper products and sawdust pellets.

You need to set up a room or an enclosed space, the rabbit home calls for a few days. It is important to the rabbit without sufficient food, water and toys. A comfortable room is a must.

Spread newspaper on a small area. If the rabbit messes on the floor or on paper, clean it and put it in the litter box. It may take several days of procedures for the rabbit to the idea. Soon the rabbit will use the box on a regular basis.

Although not something people want, a rabbit and eat together mess. With some Timothy hay to one part of the litter. Rabbit becomes the idea of ​​copper in the litter box. Keep the litter box clean by changing it frequently. You can find your bunny to sleep in the box from time to time.

One of the biggest thing to remember is that just because you want bunny to act in a certain way, you may need to compromise on your goals for the rabbit.

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