Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is a best food to give your baby Rabbit

Like humans, young rabbits have more attention and care as opposed to adult. During this stage, they did not care for themselves, that's why you need to properly meet their needs. The mother rabbit can really care for your hair when she was around. They can feed them with her milk, which is known to be the best food for young rabbits. But there are times when a mother rabbit does not care or feed her baby. So you need to follow this issue closely. After the pregnant rabbit gives birth, careful observation when she feeds her baby for the first 48 hours after delivery. If he does, there is not too much work for you to do. You can simply make sure that the mother of all rabbit food he needs to produce enough milk for her baby available. But if you see the mother rabbit not to take his small, you can take.

You need one to ensure that the young rabbits. Make sure they are comfortable in their shelter and keep warm. More importantly, you should pay more attention to the type of food you are feeding your young rabbits. Although they are not able to get the best food for them to get, because their mother is of no concern to them, you need to find a good alternative. For example, you can buy canned kitten formula sold in pet stores and other stores. Then you put the kitten formula in a bottle and you can start feeding in young rabbits. You can also Lactobacillus acidophilus formula, because it is good for children.

Now that you know what your going to feed it, the next thing you should know is the correct amount to give to young rabbits. You must remember that as they age, the amount of formula you are feeding them will also change. During the first week, they can be about 5 cc of kitten formula and about ½ cc Lactobacillus acidophilus. After a week you can change the amount of kitten formula and Acidophilus. You can use the kitten formula 15-25 cc and a cc to Acidophilus. You can feed them twice a day or several times a day in which you just go to get small amounts of food. This can be done to achieve four weeks old they are weaned to formula.

And of course, besides eating them well, you also need to clean them. You just have to be careful to wash their faces and bottoms in cotton and warm water. You must do this after you remove the formula from them.

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