Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some important tips on how to protect your crop from Birds

If you are a farmer, a professional gardener or just an amateur fruit and veggie patch keen to protect the fruit (pun not intended) your work is important. After the hard work that goes into growing fruit and vegetables, there is no way you would other than your family and friends enjoying the product - and this includes bats, birds and possums. Many alternatives to toxics and pesticides, which is far more humane, such as bird netting and scarecrows, so we have compiled a list of some possibilities you may want to try!

Flash tape / CD

Anything that moves or flashes of light are effective in scaring away birds Flash Tape is a highly reflective tape can be attached to various places in the garden and crackles in the slightest breeze. The sound, movement and mirror-like sheen of ribbon is an excellent deterrent for birds. You can achieve a similar effect by tying old or scratched CDs on trees or posts, even if you can not get the same movement.

Scarecrows / Owls

We've all seen The Wizard of Oz, but a scarecrow come in many different forms. Many of the newer varieties are shaped like owls and other raptors and work well for the birds. With regard to bats and possums, but they are not very efficient, so you need to identify exactly what the threat to your crops. It is also important to move your scarecrows or faux owls regularly because even the simplest of these birds will notice that it is not true if it is not moving!

Bird Baths

One theory is that when the birds seek fruit, they are actually more interested in water content than the fruit itself, so many people think making a birdbath with fresh water for birds to avoid them from going to the crop.


With respect to fully protect your crops from birds, bats, possums and other predators compared unrelated to birds or other custom canopy. Prevention is better than a cure and stop the pests from getting access to all your fruits and vegetables means that there is no reason to try to distract them - try as they can to get in they do not be able to:

At the end of the day, should have a choice product to be selected on the basis of specific needs of your crop. Depending on what is attacking your fruit and vegetables, flash, press and CDs may be good enough, but if you want to make sure that nothing is keeping the garden during the day or night, a canopy with the most reliable solution.

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