Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things one can do to Stop a Rabbit's Hutch-Chewing Habits

In the wild rabbits will always hunt and scavenge for food and grazing. The food they eat is usually low in nutrients, so it is necessary for them to graze and eat constantly to maintain their energy.

Unfortunately, many pet owners who own rabbits are unable to
sufficiently low energy food that a rabbit can chew. Some pet owners are unaware that a rabbit's teeth grow continuously so they need to chew and grasses to prevent overgrown teeth.

Overgrown teeth are very painful for the rabbits. This is why it is often a pet rabbit habit of chewing at some point the rabbit could find including rabbits cage. Since most rabbit cages made of wooden frames, a rabbit is easy to chew on it much to the dismay of the owner. A rabbit can break her cage for a few weeks or months and then you would need a new repurchase.

Here are some practical tips to avoid Hutch-chewing habits.

Improve your diet first rabbit. Rabbits have enough food to chew on during the day. Add more crunchy vegetables like carrots in the diet of your dog. Do not forget to get some hay, chew toys and wooden blocks thrown. You can hay managers or toilet roll tubes and cardboard tubes to chew more comfortable for your rabbit.

2nd Place your rabbit into a large rabbit run. Occasionally, rabbits chew because they are restless and bored. They are very active in nature, so it's a problem for them if they do not have enough space to stand on their legs and run around. If you do not have a large space in your home, would be a good idea to have a normal sized pen and a large Folding Rabbit, rabbit so you might have a chance to be run. You can also pull your pet for a walk around the house. Ensure that your rabbit a daily dose of active play and exercise has a way to keep your dog chewing on his cage.

Hide toys and treats third around the loft. Rabbits love to search and hunt for food. But make sure you do not hide the elements that all too well that it would be too difficult for your pet to find them.

Buy a fourth high-quality rabbit hutch. Superior quality means that your rabbit will not be able to buy the car you have to destroy. High quality rabbit cages are widely available online. Find a reputable shop that sells pens made from sustainable materials. After your rabbit has shown that chewing can loft, your pet will look for other items to chew. Make sure that vegetables and crunchy chew toy for him.

Rabbits love to chew, it's a fact. It is understandable that there will be times that you would get frustrated at this habit of your pet. Not only will you be spending a lot of money to replace your rabbit hutch now and then, it would be too time consuming to consider when buying a new home for your beloved pet. The best thing you can do is keep these tips in mind so you can stop your rabbit hutch-chewing habits.

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