Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Insight on French Lop Rabbits

You will recognize the French lop rabbits by their large size and their gentle personality. The clerk loves attention, and they are a mixture of Normandy Giant, English and Flemish Giant breed.

French racing is one of the most popular show rabbits. So popular that they are known, "the king of the fancy" among American farmers. Their gentle nature and fun loving nature makes them ideal pets. Running loves attention, and she likes to cuddle, so has the perfect pet for young children.

You will recognize the French lop rabbits by their oversized bones. They have smaller ears than the English race, but they stand out and are easily recognizable. The developer is often referred to as dust ruffles around the bottom area that separates them from the other race.

French type of race come in all shapes and colors, from solid colors to break patterns.

It is better for the race to prevent the breeding before the age of 9 months. But you should also ensure that women have their first litter at the age of one year.

The reason is that after the first year, the race female pelvis begin to merge that can make natural childbirth painful and difficult. Women's race may have very large litters. As a matter of fact, the average litter for a female French lop between 5-12 kits, so be ready.

Because of its relatively large size, this race has a tendency to lie around and not very active, so they do not need as much exercise.

When properly bred, the French race to create the perfect family pet. These animals love company, so it is recommended that you buy them in pairs, so they are not alone.

The diet of the Lop diet is similar to most other rabbits. The diet of the French race is usually made of hay and pellets. Produced specifically for threats Lop rabbits can also be given to race in moderation. They also love things like fresh basil, romaine lettuce and coriander. Cauliflower and broccoli should be given to the needs of your pet, because they can cause gas and make your pet very ill.

French racing is great for people with large families and they need much less attention than other forms of Lop rabbits. Would you like your knowledge of the race to expand, I suggest you attend rabbit shows and breeders ask for more information. They will be more than happy to show you how the right to increase Lop.

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