Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rabbits as pet

Cuddly rabbits are very cute and shy. Do you think rabbits are kept as pets, but they are. Have a pet rabbit makes for a cute pet the rabbit cages.
Rabbit raising is when you take good care of it. Always hold onto your feet so they do not scratch them up or tuck them into.
Consult your doctor what kind of food they eat. For your pet rabbits fed every day and need in your diet remains constant at all times. They eat less protein and solid foods works best has been shot. Rabbit in your diet change so make sure you feed them the same thing. Also make sure you have a bowl of water every day. Topical treatments can give your rabbit, but not much because you do not overfeed them. Enough to treat one in every one or two days, otherwise your rabbit will become obese.
Make sure the rabbit cage large enough for your rabbit to move around and play, the bigger cage better.
Are susceptible to colds and flues Rabbets look at it and if something happens to your doctor.
Let your rabbit in your yard to play around, they dig up some dirt to dig their claws can do. What can you do to lower your toes so they will be able to dig.

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