Saturday, September 10, 2011

What to feed your Rabbit

Rabbits are popular pets. This gentle, loving animals are easy to care for and make good pets for young children and adults. Provide a rabbit may seem simple at first. Like any PET, however, you should know how to properly care for your rabbit. This includes giving him a good exercise and give him a healthy diet. So what should you feed your rabbit? Read on to find out ...

Rabbit Nutrition 101

Many people think that rabbits need just one food - rabbit pellets. This could not be further from the truth. Rabbits need a varied diet that focuses on fiber. A high fiber diet can help keep them healthy by having proper nutrition through their bodies. Because rabbits like to groom themselves, high-fiber diet also help them avoid getting hairballs. Make sure your rabbit diet includes:

• High quality rabbit food - the rabbit pellets that you enter must have less than 18% fiber in them. Popular name, your rabbit rabbit food with the nutrition he needs. Go to your local pet store and ask questions about the best diet for your pet rabbit. Animal experts in the shop will be able to guide you in the brand of rabbit food that will be the most nutritious.

• raw fruits and vegetables - in addition to rabbit pellets your rabbit needs a diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables. Raw vegetables provide extra roughage and nutrition for your animals. Rabbits love carrots, but they must be a rare luxury! The list of raw fruits and vegetables you can eat rabbit goes on. If you like, chances are that your rabbit will like it.

• Hay and grass - Contrary to what you might think, would be number one food source of hay for your rabbit. Hay provides fiber, food, warmth, and many other benefits. It is very good for their teeth. Keep your rabbit cage filled with hay 24 hours a day.

• Treats - Small treats are good for rabbit diets. Dried fruits, high sugar should be in moderation. If the choice between unhealthy and healthy eating sugary food, your rabbit will choose the sweet taste treats. If you treat them too much, you will discover that the rabbit is sweet treats to choose healthier than eating options.

Rabbits are fun to own. Like most animals, they require proper nutrition to grow. If you want your rabbit to live the longest life possible on the dietary guidelines above. Choose a rabbit food that will be healthy for your rabbit. Avoid giving too many treats! Rabbits have a sweet tooth, and this can be dangerous to their health. Focus on fiber found in hay, rabbit pellets and raw fruits and vegetables as the main nutritional components of your rabbit diet. Healthy food will be a happy, healthy rabbit!

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