Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling with your pet Rabbit in Car

Most rabbits are not fond of driving, but with little time and attention, you can use the trip much more enjoyable for them. The right setup can not only learn that a car journey is not like it, but it is not to fear, either.

Good traction is essential if your rabbit is at ease. Unlike dogs and cats, which are pads of bare skin on the bottom of their feet, rabbits have pads on the thick coat. This means that they can not get any grip on the slippery plastic floors of most airlines. A rabbit airline which has a ground wire, or a folded towel other rough surface element will allow them to slip and avoid shifting.

The carrier or a cage that your rabbit should never travel in the front seat. If it is on the rear seat belt must be down, so it can not move or move quickly when you stop. If it's in the back of a station wagon or a sedan, the solid is held in place by other things like a bungee cord. Rabbits should never be placed in the trunk.

Rabbits are very clean animals who do not like the bottom of their "caves". That's why they can be litter box trained, and why even those who do not often choose a favorite location for their business. This means they do not want to soil their carriers, either, and should provide regular breaks and opportunities to use a litter box if possible.

Most rabbits will not eat while the car is in motion, but to go without eating for more than 12 hours can be very dangerous to their unique digestive tract. This means that the regular stops to give you the rabbit food and water are essential. Apply the same food from home that you usually eat rabbit. In most cases, a rabbit stomach is underlined by the trip, and they need not be exacerbated by the introduction of a new food.

Keep your car in good shape and make sure your roadside assistance is paid, especially during the hot summer months. Rabbits suffering from heat stroke easily, and if your car breaks down in a hot environment, your priority for them somewhere cool as quickly as possible.

Avoid unnecessary car trips. Rabbits are easily stressed, and do not enjoy change. But if you must travel, be sure to prepare your car for your furry friend needs.

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