Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rabbits as pets

if you have a rabbit as a pet, you will see that your rabbit is quite different from a wild rabbit found in forests and other natural areas. Rabbits are not the ones who are caught, and then eventually to tame. These rabbits are a product of a long breeding rabbits in the care for them for them to achieve performance that would make them as suitable as pets.

Wild rabbits live in underground caves, forests and woods. Rabbits live with their masters, all away from their natural habitat. They fit perfectly to the home environment and they get used to being around people when they are trained. Although they were raised, and some initial training is given to them to develop a number of features sometimes they behave wildly, like other rabbits. You can expect them to move, chewing, jumping, etc.

When you plan for your pet to take home, so there are few things you must follow to give your pet rabbit a comfortable, safe and happy life.

Comfort: The basis for the rabbit cage choice. The car must be that the rabbit feels comfortable at. Also be large enough for the rabbit to comfortably move inside. The rabbit should be able to easily stand on two hind legs in the cage. Want the living space of your beautiful rabbit raising, then you try to rush out a fox proof build, so your rabbit has a number of playable space let go without being harmed or harassed by alleged predators, such as foxes and possums. It is also necessary amenities such as a litter box, food and water containers, etc.

Health and safety: Solid floored cages cause damage to the feet and nails in rabbits, and these can be very painful and deadly to rabbits. So to prevent this from happening, the floor of the cages are covered with a mat or towel.

Maintenance: The cage you choose should also be easy to clean and rabbits thrived only in clean and beautiful areas.

Rabbits are very sociable, and if you train them properly are your true friends. If you have other pets at home, you can train rabbits to mingle and play with other pets.

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