Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Designs and Tatoos on Lizards

Lizards tattoo tattoo designs are popular for both men and women. They can be inked large and small as well, and in many styles, realistic, cartoonish, simplistic, tribal leaders and others. Lizards have become very popular, especially in the Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions and we know that culture, linking deep meaning and symbolism of natural creatures and elements - The lizard is not an exception either.

As for the tattoo lizard, there are basically two main types of people choose:

Gecko lizard tattoo: Geckos can be commonly found in tropical regions of the world. They are completely harmless and has a wide and long body. The special thing about them is that they can change their natural color to disguise themselves from predators. They have good hearing, unlike other animals lizards. But what is most important, look fantastic they tattoo form. Some choose a design that covers the entire chest or back, or just a small simple design for the legs.

Iguana iguana tattoo: iguanas come mainly from South Africa and Central America. They can grow as large as 5-7 feet and has a wonderful defensive mechanism. They have obviously bright colors, so you should use strong colors to make it look good as a tattoo.

There are many associations of lizards in humans. For example, Native Americans associate them to dream and so lizard tattoo wearers are considered dreamers or individual who can interpret dreams. As for Rome, lizards symbolized rebirth and resurrection. Another meaning of this divine wisdom and happiness, especially the Greeks and Egyptians.

The popularity of tattoos is increasing today, thanks to celebrities too. We have looked at the stars tattoos:

David Bowie - singer: He has a lizard tattoo on her ankle

Alissa York - Author: He inked a gecko lizard on his left arm.

Alex O'Loughlin - actor: You can see a lizard tattoo on right nipple

Nicholas Cage - actor: He has a special design, a lizard wearing a hat in his upper back

Specifically talking about the gecko or lizard tattoo, we can say that they come in larger and smaller designs, too. What is interesting is that many women choose a larger design, says the sides, not just small lizards (such as tribal simplistic one). The tattoos look best with bright colors and a simple way in my opinion. They can be decorated but with fire, flowers, a symbol of Yin Yang, and others.

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