Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool insight and information on Bearded Dragons

Most fans love dragons reptiles as pets in the first place because of their wonderful personalities. A large majority of these lizards are warm and friendly and enjoy the interaction and the treatment of their owners. Just by following these simple steps, it is very easy for the owner to tame a Beardie.

There are about eight known species of bearded dragons in the wild. These dragons are living in Australia, from different, usually warmer parts of the continent. These species, called by their common name, the eastern bearded dragon, the Lawsony, small dragon, the western part of the dragon, The Dwarf bearded dragon, bearded dragon Mitchell, Nullabor and Inland or Central Bearded Dragon.

The Central or Inland Beardie is by far the most common lizards kept by pet owners and breeders around the world, also known as lizards 'Oz' ('Oz' Aussie meaning as in Australia), and the Dragon Beardie

Bearded dragons exhibit some very interesting and comical behavior in nature and in the closet. These actions are often related to territorial and breeding displays.

The most striking behavior Bearded Dragon is the inflation of his beard. The beard is really a bag of skin that can be extended. When disturbed or agitated, or excitement, they fill the bag with air, the strong growth in volume and scattered pointed spines resembling a giant beard.

This mechanism is to give an illusion that the dragon is bigger and prickly. The males have a higher evolved mustaches as females. With this power, and her mouth open and hissing sound is enough to discourage any threat convincing.

Another behavior that are used in defense and in breeding is the head-bobbing. This action is performed by men as a way to prove their manhood and authority. They are high on the toes of some rock or branch, darken their beards and head up and down.

A very strange but funny the behavior of a Beardie arm waving. This is an obedient motion carried by dragons when confronted with dominant lizards. The Beardie stands on three legs, while waving one arm in a slow circular motion, and then alternating with the other arm.

Arm swing is performed by young women and subordinate males. This gesture with aggressive men to attack them, and also used by women to men unwilling to rein in when they insist on a diet. In a cage with many traits of a dragon arm waving can start with the whole group after a very interesting face.

In most cases you will see a bearded dragon is usually a dominant male will sit on the highest place available from which Beardie has a good view of approaching predators or rivals.

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