Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have you heard before about Blue Tongue Skinks

Before I wrote this article, I really do not know or just want to say the truth, what the hell is the type of animal / reptile they called blue tongue. And what makes me so great that the creature comes from a small island named Kei. How do I find this reptile is because I do work for my small business in particular to design for my t-shirt business to my hometown the Kei archipelago. I'm really looking for something unique to put on the t-shirts to my little place to promote the Kei Islands.

So I surf the net and find this reptile and it amazes me, because I never really serious about the Kei islands themselves, because I was born in the Netherlands and now lives in Jakarta. Well let's go back to the blue creature, after surfing the net I found that this creature was also established in Australia and Papua. Geographic Kei islands can be found between these two countries. Why they called it Blue Tongue Lizards / skinks, because this being really a true blue tongue. In the U.S., Blue Tongue hams seen them as pets.
The Kei Island blue tongue is a mysterious art that comes from a remote area called the Kei Islands. The main colors are generally recognized as green, brown or black stripes and splotching, but there are many different colors. Yellow with red and orange hues are sometimes seen as the phenomenal color in the following example. Colors can also be shades of sea green, jungle green, and some are so vague, they look like they were made to camouflage.

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