Monday, January 30, 2012

Main types of Iguana

There are different types of lizards exist. Some of the main types are green iguanas, marine iguanas, deadly, Chuckwalla, etc.

The green or common iguana is a herbivore, trees beings. It is located on a wide geographical belt from Brazil to Paraguay and move to Mexico in the Caribbean. Although it is found in some parts of the United States, like South Florida is largely concentrated as the wild population.

It has its ability to machine and osmoregulation abilities, despite being essentially a herbivore. It grows to 1.5 meters long from head to tail, although some specimens have grown more than 2 meters is a body weight of 20 pounds.

The green iguana is preferred pets because it generally calm demeanor and intense green color. However, this will require much attention during the rearing above the lights, the heat be kept absolutely perfect and cages should be frequently changed to alleviate that may be difficult for any aspiring amateur to the nature of the necessary care required can be partly section.

They are fast climbers and use their legs in the Hing and awesome grip on the ground can not hurt, especially in the more decreased from as high as 150 meters when the computer iguanas have their four limbs and use their powerful tails to the right impact.

Male iguanas femoral detect more prominent in their female colleagues dorsal spines are longer and more complex the male versus female.

The Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) is a lizard found in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands is the center of the great discoveries, like the famous giant tortoise Darwin among others. The lizards found here is known as the Galapagos Marine Iguana because of its unique ability to search the sea at will and for that time. Although they concentrated on the rocky coast can also be spotted in the same mangrove area and the plain side.

The desert iguana is a dull creatures that can grow to 16 inches, it is clear and whiter in color with light brown streaks on its back are a little larger if you move back The pattern gives way to dark areas near the thighs and the region progresses towards the tail. Tail is 1 ½ times that of the muzzle. Belly pale. As more time, the sides rose in both sexes, which zoologists use it as a hint to the start of breeding.

Deadly is a common name that the majority of American families lizard covers. They have a crest on the tail and part of the head. The most common types are green and brown, extends the length of one meter (90 cm), and lives in trees. It's harmless. This is usually fatal Basiliscus americanus family Iguanidae named "death" is the inspiration behind the spiked demon in the series of Harry Potter is more than one snake in the description of the lizard.

Chuckwalla lizard is another strong that the United States as his mother tongue. It grows to 18 inches and its tail is shorter than the other. The brown Chuckwallas is normal especially as a young band and a few dark spots. Older colleagues have a reddish brown color. These types of iguanas feed on foods such as buds, young leaves and flowers. The usual chuckwalla a Sauro obesus Malus in the family Iguanidae. This is the most common lizard species found in the United States account for other races too.

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