Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What are some of the common Leopard Gecko problems

Worried about your pet gecko? Each animal has to carry a certain amount of responsibility for their guards and the little guys are no exception. So to help you, here are some of the common leopard gecko can cause problems and some tips and tricks on how to deal with them.

Sand problem

Sand is a popular and easy to use that material support. This allows for easy cleaning and cleaning the area of ​​the tank with sand easily be exchanged. However, the sand can sometimes lead to problems if the lizards were swallowed. It is not uncommon. The crickets and other insects to feed your lizards scurrying in the sand and it is not difficult for a hunting shark with a little sand got in my mouth when it strikes. Normally it should not be a problem, but if the lizard swallowed too much about a certain time, it can begin to cause intestinal blockage or impaction.

To circumvent this problem, try to ensure that you fine-grained sand. Would certainly be something like.5 mm (purchased and ask for the grain size of the download, you have sandy off). The reason for this is the finer sand grains should be no problems caused by the digestive system is the lizard, lizard has even swallowed. You can use the larger grains of sand for larger morphs of lizards, but to be sure, is fine-grained to go still the safest way. Also, do not use sand for baby lizards. Also, fine-grained sand can cause problems with their relatively small tract of melting.

Cricket problems

Crickets are a staple food for your pet, but if you are not careful with uneaten crickets running around the tank can cause stress and anxiety for your lizard. Do not put too many crickets in a given time. Start with a modest number and try to get a feel for how much your pet can eat at any time and stick to it, to get the number.

You should also check where your sauce came from and how they come to you. Crickets can carry parasites from food. If you're not sure where they come from, will not be able to check whether the crickets ate all they can to parasites. The crickets can even be transported in containers of contact with parasites. Sometimes egg cartons are used to grilling, and egg cartons are used in the eggs of chickens or other birds that carry the parasite can ship. If one eats the cricket egg shell remains, the parasites to transfer it.

Sanitation problems

No way around it, go have your lizard droppings and soiled cage. It can be another source of problems leopard gecko. Feces in the tank can begin to breed bacteria and other harmful content. Water left stagnant for too long will lead to similar problems. Try to keep the tank by maintaining the water daily and clean, feces per week. You should also change the substrate and rub the tank with an antiseptic agent at least once a month.


Your lizard is also affected by the disease. If you suspect any disease among them, it's probably best to quarantine, the lizard for a few weeks. Remember that most diseases that can affect your animals lizards, reptiles, or other herpatiles, quarantine leave less important.

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